Presentation6[Product characteristics]

“Clean Spice” refers to spices with guaranteed quality of the highest level, manufactured with controlled environments, methods, and processes

In addition to meeting the quality standards for each product, Amari Spice Foods developed these products with C&A’s distinctive technologies enabling safety and peace of mind as well as flavor and freshness. These products fulfill microbe standards because they are manufactured under controlled conditions. We also maintain ingredient quality to offer spice products with authentic appearances, fragrances, and tastes.

1 Amazingly low bacterial count
The safest foods have the lowest bacterial counts for longer best-before periods and to prevent spoilage.
2 Guaranteed spice ingredients
Our spice ingredients are guaranteed according to in-house written standards. We only offer products that meet standard values in product inspections.
3 Protective packaging
We use highly protective packaging materials that maintain flavor, with the highest level of aroma-retention, gas-barrier, and moisture-proof properties.
4 Carefully selected and investigated ingredients
Good ingredients are essential for making good products. We carefully select our ingredients and subject them to strict reception standards.

[Usages] We mainly recommend our products for use in foods that require low bacterial counts.
・Processed meats such as ham and sausage
・Deli items such as prepared foods, lunch boxes, and sandwiches
・Frozen, chilled, and other processed foods
・Other unheated foods, etc.