Presentation2[GMP compliance]

Our GMP-compliant factory and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing License symbolizes our technical skills that cannot be emulated

Amari Spice Foods is continually dedicated to safe, secure, high-quality spices, and our technical skills are symbolized by our factory inside the Shizuoka Factory that complies with GMP. GMP is a pharmaceutical quality control standard set by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In Japan, strict inspections are performed as pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control regulations based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. We opened the Shizuoka Factory in May 1998 and acquired a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing License (GMP compliance) in July of that year. To ensure scrupulous, advanced manufacturing and quality control, our dedicated factory building has an extremely clean environment with a positive-pressure design in which internal atmospheric pressure is increased and outside air prevented from entering. There, we process ingredients and manufacture drug substances for natural remedies and Chinese herbal medicine. At other factories as well, we proactively utilize the expertise and great control-related awareness and knowledge we have accumulated through control and operations at our GMP-compliant factory that cannot be emulated by other companies. This is directly connected to the steadfast appraisals of the C&A Brand, which has a history of over 80 years.