Presentation3[Shiga No. 2 and No. 3 Factories]

Strategic Clean Spice business bases concentrating our advanced GMP expertise

The demand for low-bacterial-count spices made with advanced sterilization techniques is growing rapidly, and we expect that these products will be leading forces in the future market. With a precise understanding of these trends and a future-oriented stance, Amari Spice Foods built our cutting-edge Shiga No. 2 utilizing our Pharmaceutical Manufacturing License and GMP manufacturing and control technologies of the highest level in Japan, followed by the Shiga No. 3 Factory. This factory has multiple sterilization machines and spice grinding lines with monthly production capacities of 100 metric tons for sterilization and 80 metric tons for grinding. We are also dedicated to the best environment management including dust collection and air conditioning and devote maximum efforts to improving human skills, which are essential for compliance with prominent manufacturing and control standards, and work every day to improve our technical skills. The new factory—featuring a cutting-edge environment and facilities that are extremely advanced—began manufacturing Clean Spices with groundbreakingly low bacterial counts in October 2011. The Shiga No. 2 and No. 3 Factories are strategic bases for the Clean Spice business, which is expected to grow in all sorts of food fields.