Presentation1[Integrated system]

We implement a six-step checking process that enables an integrated system for imports, processing, and sales

Amari Spice Foods implements a six-step checking process to maintain our advanced, distinctive, and thorough quality and hygiene management. This total system is possible exactly because we are an integrated manufacturer that imports, processes, and sells products with a dedication to domestic production. First, we perform various inspections, including bacterial count and pesticide residue, according to each commodity when receiving ingredients. Next, foreign substances are detected during ingredient sorting. In the blending step—in which spices are mixed in optimum combinations determined by our skilled workers—sensory test results are compared to ingredient analysis values and saved as data. Particle size, mixture homogeneity, and fluidity are confirmed during the final processing. Moreover, the packaging step includes spot bacterial count inspections, and foreign substances are removed using metal and X-ray detectors. After re-confirming that the packaging materials are safe and the package is sealed against moisture and insects, a check is performed in the final step when shipping out the finished product. Trustworthiness is also enhanced by data on various inspection results, which objectively corroborate safety, and our tracing system disclosing information spanning all the way back to the production areas.